PTB Contribution to the Key Comparison CCRI (III)-K11



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R. Nolte, St. Röttger

PTB Contribution to the Key Comparison CCRI (III)-K11

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A key comparison of neutron fluence measurements organized by Section III of CCRI was carried out from November 2010 until December of 2012 with the following participants: CIAE (P.R. China), NMIJ (Japan), IRD/LMNRI (Brazil), IRMM (EU), IRSN (France), NIST (USA), NPL (UK), VNIIM (Russia) and PTB (Germany). The fluence measurements were performed with the participants instruments in the same neutron fields (27 keV, 565 keV, 2.5 MeV and 17 MeV) at the AMANDE accelerator facility of the IRSN which also acted as the pilot laboratory. This report contains the results of the fluence measurements performed with the primary standard instruments P2 and T1 and the transfer device LC1 of PTB department 6.4. The energy dependent neutron yield YM per event in the reference monitor, selected for the comparison, is determined.

PTB N-58