Tailored Minimum Sidelobe and Minimum Sidelobe Cosine-Sum Windows



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H.-H. Albrecht

Tailored Minimum Sidelobe and Minimum Sidelobe Cosine-Sum Windows

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CD-ROM - A Catalog - Version 1.0

Window functions are used when a section of length Tw is to be cut out from a time varying signal for spectral analysis. Minimum sidelobe cosine-sum windows [1, 2] exhibit good properties with regard to the peak sidlobe level (PSL) and to the equivalent noise bandwidth (ENBW). In [3] (Open Access), the design of cosine-sum windows is described which have similarly good properties with regard to ENBW and PSL, but which can be designed exactly for a specified PSL value (PSL in– in the exchange for ENBW). In contrast to conventional minimum sidelobe cosine-sum windows, this leads case of a specified PSL – mostly to windows with a smaller ENBW. This catalog contains parameters, coefficients and zeros of more than 6000 windows with a PSL greater than −350 dB and different values for the asymptotic decay of the sidelobes which have been designed for the above publication [3]. The absolute value of the difference of the PSL values of neighboring windows is not greater than 0.52 dB.