CD-ROM: 3D Micro- and Nanometrology - Requirements and Current Developments



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H. U. Danzebrink, F. Härtig (Hrsg.)

CD-ROM: 3D Micro- and Nanometrology - Requirements and Current Developments

Beiträge des 257. PTB-Seminars am 27. und 28. September 2010
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Index of contents • Welcome and Introduction H. Bosse, PTB, Germany • Introduction H.U. Danzebrink, PTB, Germany • Multi-probe and multi-orientation strategies for universal and flexible 3D micro-feature characterisation: The Nano-CMM Approach O. Lazaro, Innovalia, Spain • Nanometrology for 3D structures: relevant EU Projects and open questions R. Leach, NPL, United Kingdom • Development of micro/nano-CMMs in Asia K.C. Fan, NTU, Taiwan; Hefei University of Technology, China and Q. Huang, Hefei University of Technology, China • Different approaches to overcome existing limits in optical micro- and nanometrology W. Osten, Stuttgart University, Germany • International and national standardization activities in micro and nano coordinate metrology F. Härtig, T. Dziomba, PTB, Germany • Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NMM used as test bench in NanoCMM project D. Dontsov, E. Langlotz, W. Pöschel, W. Schott, SIOS Messtechnik GmbH, Germany • ISARA 400: realization and first test results D. Brouns, R. Donker, I. Widdershoven, H.A.M. Spaan, IBS Precision Engineering, The Netherlands • Realisation of triplanar symmetry concepts for 3D micro measurement machines Morquecho, A. San Vicente, T. Ventura, Trimek, Spain • True 3D metrology of micro/nano structures: from AFM to micro/nano CMM G. Dai, F. Pohlenz, H.U. Danzebrink, J. Flügge, PTB, Germany • Traceable measurement of microparts applying micro CMMs and micro CT U. Neuschaefer-Rube, M. Neugebauer, M. Bartscher, PTB, Germany • Basics of uncertainty analysis M. Krystek, PTB, Germany • Practical determination of the measurement uncertainty Küng, F. Meli, R. Thalmann, METAS, Switzerland • Measurement uncertainty in 3D reconstructions of micro-objects L. Carli, L. De Chiffre, DTU, Denmark • Calibration and verification methods for Nano Measuring Machines F. Pereda, Unimetrik, Spain • Dimensional metrology microprobe and scanning system research initiatives in the U.S. • S. Smith, UNC Charlotte, U.S.A. • Resolution limitation and enhancement in optical areal measurements using interference microscopy P. Lehmann, Kassel University / Mahr, Germany • Nanopositioning and nanomeasuring technology - the merge of technologies over scales and domains from macro to nano E. Manske, R. Theska, T. Hausotte, R. Füßl, G. Jäger, Ilmenau University, Germany • Development of a 3D precision positioner for nanometrology of microparts E. Gomez-Acedo, Tekniker, Spain • Flexible multisensor and multiplatform I++ metrology software for low uncertainty micro- and nano-scale measurements T. Ventura, B. de la Maza, Datapixel, Spain • Novel calibration artefacts and tactile probes for micro/nano-CMMs S. Bütefisch, G. Dai, H. U. Danzebrink, PTB, Germany and V. Zelený, P. Skalník, CMI, Czech Republic and M. Hemmleb, m2c, Germany • Development of micro and nano metrological standards and suited calibration methods for these V. Zelený, P. Skalník, I. Linkeová, CMI, Czech Republic

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