A  Metrological Textbook



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Imke Frischmuth, Jens Simon (Hrsg.)

A Metrological Textbook

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They do not consider themselves as “artists” – the scientists and technicians of measurement. Nevertheless, their work is a special
kind of “artistry” in which they aim for nothing less than to perform their measurements so well and so accurately, i.e., as artistically as ever possible, in order to provide the scientifictechnical world with a reliable frame of reference.
In Germany, this art of measurement – or more precisely: metrology, the science of measurement – clearly has a home: the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt. What this metrological frame of reference looks like is the topic of this textbook. It outlines PTB's institutional and scientific history, examines the potential of today's metrology and defines the demands of metrology’s great future tasks.